How to obtain the Betway Kenya mobile app?

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Betway Kenya mobile app

Almost every person around the world has a mobile device. For that reason, bookmakers have an unique opportunity to reach as many people as possible by arriving literally at the palm of their hands.

The Betway mobile app is intended exactly for that role. It was launched many years ago, but a few months back a completely new and overhauled version was released, which includes new features, improvements, optimizations, and many other things that allow its users to enjoy all the services offered by the bookmaker from anywhere, and at any time.

Kenya is a country where Betway is becoming increasingly popular. Every day more and more people who live there would like to have and enjoy online casinos and sports betting websites and applications. This is why it has been decided to write the present article about this software, which describes its features, how to obtain it, and more.

This program can be obtained for free in devices operating with iOS and Android systems. Considering that these environments are by far the most used around the world, the Betway experience is available for almost anyone.

Before explaining how to install these programs, is important to explain that their most recent versions are capable of offering all the features that Betway members can find in the desktop website. This means that is possible to create an account, place bets, play in the casino, claim bonuses and promotions, contact customer support, deposit and withdraw money, and much more.

People who have Betway app download for any compatible device have praised its easiness of use, how it looks, and its optimization and responsiveness. This allows to play in any of the offered games, or bet with the amazing odds for which Betway is best known for.

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How to Betway app download in iOS?

At first we will start by explaining how to setup the software in iPad and iPhone devices. There is really not much to say about this, because this is something extremely simple to perform.

Specifically, in order to Betway app download and later install in iOS devices, it is only necessary to visit the AppStore, and then download it as it would be done for any other free software compatible with these gadgets. As simple as that.

The Betway app requires iOS 7.0 or a more recent version. In terms of devices, this means that all types of iPad will support it. In the case of the iPhone, it is required to have at least the version 5 of it.

People who join Betway and make use of this version of the software, will notice immediately how fast it works and responds, and the attractiveness of its interface blends perfectly with the already good looking iOS screen.

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Getting the Betway apk in Android devices

Unlike in iOS, setting up the Betway app for Android gadgets requires a couple of more steps to be completed. However, this is still a simple process. It is important to mention that unfortunately it is not possible to obtain the program from the Play Store.

The reason for this unavailability is not because of a problem with the software or Betway itself. This happens because the terms and conditions of this store forbids the presence of online casinos and betting apps that allow the use of real money. Because of that, users have really no reason to worry about.

Owners of Android tablets or mobile phones who want to get the Betway Kenya app in their gadget need to perform the following steps. After they have been completed, the software will immediately be available for use:

  1. Open a mobile internet browser and visit the Betway website
  2. Go to the lower part of the screen, and tap over the downloads area
  3. Select the desired software and touch over it
  4. Execute the recently downloaded Betway apk to begin the installation process
  5. Follow the instructions on screen

There is a situation that most users will encounter after step 5. Specifically, the majority of Android devices forbid by default the installation of software obtained outside of official sources, such as Play Store or the official stores belonging to some manufacturer.

If said situation is faced, there is no need to worry. For solving this, it is necessary to visit the security menu of the device. Over there, an option called “unknown sources” should appear, which is probably turned off. When it is found, turn it on, and follow the instructions displayed on screen. This will allow the installation process to terminate, and the Betway apk will be ready to use.

The system requirements are not demanding at all. It is required to have at least Android 4.1. Gadgets which have Android 4.0 instead will be able to install and use the Betway apk. However, the live streamings will not be available.

A screen with a resolution of no less than 320×480 is required. However, most of today’s devices have many times more pixels than that. And obviously, it is required to have enough storage space in the internal memory to fit the application in the phone.

Finally, it is important to speak a little bit about the mobile version of the Betway website. As the name suggests, is the version of the page especially adapted and optimized for mobile devices. It includes all the features that can be found in the Betway app, but has the advantage of not requiring a separate software to be downloaded.

However, it is still recommended to get the Betway mobile app whenever possible, as webpages in general can experience lag and unintended taps in some situations. This can occur due to a multitude of reasons, such as amount of memory available, which mobile internet browser is being used, and many others.

Before going into the next section, many people who like online casinos and sport betting have wondered whether there is a specific version of the software for gadgets working with Windows Phone. Unfortunately for now there is no such Betway app. However, many users who employ the mobile website of Betway in these devices have reported that it works greatly and in a very functional way. For now it is not clear whether such program will be developed at some point in the future.

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What payment methods can be used from the Betway Kenya app?

People who Betway app download are able to use all the payment methods available for members who access the bookmaker through a computer. Specifically, the options offered to customers in this regard include services such as Neteller, Entropay, Paypal, Paysafe Card, and more.

The most widely used methods, such as bank transfers, debit cards, and credit cards are also completely available and functional from the Betway mobile app for both Android and iOS. This also applies for people who use all these online services from the mobile website of the bookmaker.

Of course, all these forms are subject to the same restrictions, terms, and conditions that apply when using them from a computer. But at the same time, they work with the same effectiveness and security that Betway members appreciate. So even if performing transactions from the mobile software, users can be ensured that they will not experience any kind of issue.

A frequent question that is received all the time is that if Betway supports the use of cryptocurrencies. For now the answer to that is negative. This applies to both the Betway mobile app, as well as for the main and mobile websites.Sign Up And Get A Bonus

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