How good are the Betway bonuses?

Sign Up And Get A Bonus

Many bookmakers are fighting to control as much market share as possible in Kenya, for this reason, they need to come up with new ideas all the time for convincing more people to sign up and of course, to stay with them and make constant use of the services being offered.

This article will speak about the many options for claiming and using a Betway Kenya bonus. There are many of these benefits, which can be used in the different areas that this bookmaker offers to its customers. Finally, the famous Betway jackpot bonus will get its own mention as well.

Sign Up And Get A Bonus

Reviewing the different Betway bonus terms and conditions

Compared to other similar bookmakers, the different Betway Kenya bonus have a smaller amount and less restrictive terms and conditions. However, as it happens with all these types of rewards and benefits, players are encouraged to carefully read and understand them.

For example, in the case of the most famous of the Betway bonuses, which is the one targeted for players who just sign up, it is required that the amount that it provides must be used in bets with odds of 1.75 or more. At the same time, considering that this benefit requires a prior deposit, this first addition of money must be done only with PayPal, credit cards or debit cards.

Overall, these Betway bonuses tend to have limitations which mostly have to do with the maximum amount that can be earned thanks to them. However, considering that these limits are usually of tens of thousands of dollars, it is unlikely that most players will encounter them at some moment.

Sign Up And Get A Bonus

What specific Betway Kenya bonus do exist?

The amount of bonus codes and other promotions are as varied as the services provided by Betway. Not only that, but also they tend to change over time in scope and amount. However, for now it is possible to mention some of the most important instances.

At first, there is the Betway sign up bonus. It provides anyone who creates an account in the bookmaker with US$90 to be used exclusively in the sports betting area. Obtaining this particular Betway Kenya bonus is a very easy process, and it is comprised of the following steps:

  1. Go to the Betway website or open its mobile applications
  2. Click on the “register” banner located at the top of the screen
  3. Click or tap over the button which states that you would like to obtain the bonus for new customers. If this step is forgotten, it will be very difficult to obtain this Betway free bet opportunity!
  4. Activate the account via email or sms
  5. Make a first deposit

After all these steps are completed, the cash balance of the newcomer should automatically reflect this gift of US$90. Now appears the question of how to use Betway bonus. The answer to this is very simple, as previously said, it can be used only in the sports betting area. Unfortunately this means that the casino and poker is excluded for now. Still, if the new member enjoys football, tennis, basketball, or any other discipline among the dozens offered by the bookmaker, this benefit provides a great opportunity for getting started either in pre match or live gambles. All of them offer some of the best odds among similar online betting services.

Obviously, this benefit is by no means the only one offered by Betway Kenya. Another of its famous instances is the Betway Free Bet Club. It works in a very simple manner, anyone who wagers an equivalent of US$30 during a particular week, will be automatically eligible for receiving two US$6 rewards. One during the saturday of the following week, and the next one the Monday afterwards.

Also, the most active members of this club will be part of a leaderboard, where the top rated players will be entitled for more free bet offers, and can qualify for a top prize of an amount equivalent to US$3.000.

Another interesting among these Betway bonuses are the double winning opportunities, which, as their name describes, are pop ups that from time to time can randomly appear in the screen. By clicking in these appearing windows, the lucky customer will double his or her earnings.

Sign Up And Get A Bonus

The Betway jackpot, an excellent opportunity for the casino fans

The fans of the casino of this bookmaker are obviously not forgotten, because they are entitled also for the spectacular Betway jackpot bonus. It can appear in any of its hundreds of games, so players who frequent any of the available forms of entertainment may be lucky enough to obtain it.

It works in a very simple way, players who have a lucky streak of winnings in the slots, table games, card games, or any of the other forms of entertainment may receive this Betway jackpot Kenya bonus, which most of the times is capable of multiplying the earnings.

But not only that, because for some lucky players can get free plays when they are in a bad luck streak. This means that this benefit is especially generous, because it targets all players, regardless of how their luck is turning out during a particular moment.

The poker players can be benefited as well with their own exclusive Betway bonuses. In order to obtain it, it is only necessary to be a frequent visitor of the poker area of Betway. Players who fulfill this simple requirement can get free chips which allow them to improve their chances of winning in these exciting and challenging tables.

All what has been described shows that there is no need to worry on how to use the Betway bonus that has been so far mentioned. They are all easy and straightforward to use in any of the available sections. Also, in all cases is possible to confirm that the Betway bonus terms and conditions put very limited and reasonable limitations, at least when compared to the most direct competitors of this bookmaker.

Sign Up And Get A Bonus

Payment methods for general use or for claiming some Betway free bet opportunity

As previously said, first deposits can be made only with PayPal or with credit and debit cards. However, users who add money to their balance in subsequent occasions can enjoy more options.

These options that owners of a Betway account can enjoy consist mostly on more online payment services, such as Neteller, Skrill or Entropay. Some people ask whether Betway accepts cryptocurrencies. However, for now the answer to that is no, but it would not be surprising if the company starts to take them in the near future, as most of its competitors are currently doing.

All these means of payment allow both deposits and cash withdrawals. The first ones are reflected instantly while the others take a few days before they appear in the payment method chosen by the player. However, the members of Betway can rest assured that all their transactions will occur in a secure and timely manner.

As closing remarks for these Betway free bet opportunities and similar benefits for their games and sports area, it is possible to say that this bookmaker is one of the most generous when comparing promotions among similar competitors, this applies to the Betway jackpot Kenya, the welcome promotion for new players, the free bet club and all other promos being offered. Also, when taking into account the overall leniency of the terms and conditions when making similar comparisons, it is possible to say that this company is doing a good job in attracting new players and keep current ones.Sign Up And Get A Bonus

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